What to know about the rumours salon, salon nouvesau,rumours salon

According to Google, rumours salon is a cosmetics store that specializes in cosmetics and hair products.The salon is located in Montreal, Quebec.Rumours salon was founded by the husband of a former beauty queen, who says she was assaulted by a beauty salon owner after he showed her a clip of a news report.It is believed […]

What you need to know about the men’s hair salon industry

By Tim Southey The men’s haircare industry is booming in the UK and across the globe.There are now more than 1,300 salons in the country and almost half of the businesses have opened since 2015.This year there are nearly 7,000 salons, according to the British Association of Hairdressers.The growth has been fuelled by the success […]

How to find an affordable salon near you

An affordable salon in a quiet residential street near your home may not seem like the best place to spend your morning.But when you consider the fact that your neighbourhood has been home to many people, it might be a good idea to consider finding a salon there.You might be surprised to learn how easy […]

How to tell the difference between two nail polishes?

PARIS — A new technique could have a huge impact on nail polish prices, a French cosmetics company has said.The technique, called “microfine,” is a combination of a powder and a micro-particle, that can be applied to the skin without causing damage.Its success is seen as a way to keep prices down, but experts are […]

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