Trump’s new haircut is so bad it’s a parody

Salon Salon’s “Cut the Gordian Knot” column features an essay by the founder of a group called the Trump Haircut Team.

“Trump hair is the most cut and styled and made up of hair that hasn’t been cut yet,” says the article’s author, a woman named Lisa.

“I’m sure it’s the most complicated and the most expensive, but it’s actually really good at keeping hair soft and looking great.”

The piece goes on to describe the salon’s cut as “so much like a hairpiece,” and its styling as “an old-school hairstyle” that requires a “sharpness and definition that makes you look like you just took a sharp knife to your scalp.”

The article’s writer goes on in a rant to make a case for the “humble and unpretentious” cut, saying it “works to create a look that is more youthful and more feminine, yet still looks professional.”

This is the sort of thing that Salon does, the writer goes through: “The hairstyle that is the perfect balance between a modern-day and a traditional style,” Lisa says, “is the one that most closely mimics Trump’s style of cutting and styling.”

She goes on, “It’s so much more polished than Trump’s, so much less expensive, and the look is the exact opposite of the hair he was cutting himself at the time of the coronavirus outbreak.”

As Salon’s writer points out, there’s a certain amount of truth to the claim that Trump’s hair has been cut and toned.

After all, the Trump hairstyle has been around for decades, as has Trump himself.

And Trump has always had a flair for stylizing his hair, which is why the writer says the Trump haircut has been so successful.

But what is the “perfect balance” between the Trump style and the more “modern” style?

The article ends with a list of criteria the Salon’s Cut the Gordial Knot team uses to evaluate their cut, including “the amount of hair needed to create that perfect silhouette” and “the style and color of the hairstyle, which can be a bit messy but not overly so.”

But these criteria don’t seem to matter when it comes to the “Halloween cut” Lisa describes in her article.

“The Trump haircut is perfect for a Halloween party, or any Halloween party you want to go to,” the article says.

“It looks like a Halloween wig.”

But that doesn’t seem true, because the article ends up criticizing the haircut as being a “fancy” hairstyle.

“Even a Trump hairstylist can do it,” the writer notes, adding that, “it’s also a classic cut that’s so cut that it doesn’t look very Donald Trump, which makes it look like the president of the United States.”

The article goes on: “It has the most perfect length, and it’s just so perfect it’s an easy haircut to go out and have with a friend.

It’s the best cut, and there’s not a bad part of it.”

And, indeed, the article makes this point repeatedly.

“This is not a cut you can just have with anyone,” Lisa writes.

“And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

And it’s true.

But it also seems to be true of the “Trump Haircut” in general.

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