What are the rules for the RTE salon

RTE 1 salon has a salon policy that requires clients to have a health card.

The policy states that the salon must not “be in breach of the regulations for any medical treatment or service”.

RTE 2 salon says the policy has been in place since January.

RTA said it was “working with the health authorities in order to ensure the health of our staff members, patients and customers”.

But a spokesman for the Health Minister said: “We do not comment on matters of policy until they are published in the media.”

What can a client expect?

What you can expect: The salon will ask you questions, such as what you can eat and drink, how you use the toilet and if there are other patients.

You may be asked to show your health card and you will be asked for a name and address.

The health card will show your age and address, your current medication, the number of prescriptions you have and your medical history.

If the card is not visible, the pharmacist will put it in a pocket or bag.

A pharmacist can ask you to take a urine sample and if it comes back positive, they will send you a prescription.

At the end of the day, the person who is the carer will be the one who gives the prescription.

This is the responsibility of the health worker.

How long will the pharmacy take?

The pharmacist may take around 30 minutes to complete the medical history and a urine test.

When is the clinic closed?

If there is a medical emergency, the clinic will be closed and the health staff will go to a secure area.

Is there a waiting list?

No, you must contact the clinic and request that a new appointment be made.

What do you do if I don’t show up?

You can contact the health centre and request a repeat appointment.

Will you take care of my pet if I leave the clinic?

It depends on the health authority.

There is a limit to the number and number of pets that can be brought in for treatment, so the rules are strict.

Why did RTE close the salon?

Because of the increasing number of cases of infections and the fact that there are not enough staff to provide services.

Are there any other health facilities in the area?

Yes, RTE has a facility at St Kilda’s Hospital.

Do I need to be at the clinic for my pet to be treated?

A pet is considered to be in need of care if it is under 18 or under 21 and has a medical condition.

I can’t afford to pay the cost of treatment.

Does RTE offer any other services?

There are a number of health services offered by RTE.

The clinic also offers a mobile clinic service.

Read more about the RTA salon and its rules in the Rte website.

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