The Beauty Salon and Spa

Cheaper and more accessible than many of the salon and spa options, this salon offers a large selection of manicures, pedicures, and manicurists to suit every budget.

The salon’s beauty manager, Laura, who hails from New York City, said her family always used to shop at this salon when they had to pick up supplies and make do with less. 

The salon is located in a small, industrial-style building. 

Laura, who has been running the salon for eight years, said she’s used to being able to offer a wide variety of services. 

“The customer is always welcome,” she said. 

This is Laura’s third location, having worked as a beauty assistant at the salon in 2009 and 2012. 

When Laura is not busy running the business, she works in her mother’s fashion business, selling jewelry, clothing, and jewelry accessories. 

While Laura said the salon’s prices are a little steep for what she offers, she said the experience has been worth it. 

“[I have] the opportunity to work with a professional, I get to know my customers and interact with them,” she added. 

Since starting the business in 2010, Laura has worked with more than 400 clients, and she has seen her number of customers increase every year. 

She said she believes the success of the business comes from her ability to offer customers a high quality of service and be responsive to their needs. 

I can give them the attention that they need, Laura said.

 She is also proud to serve customers from New Jersey, California, Washington, Hawaii, and other parts of the country. 

A recent update to the salon featured new designs for the salon that were inspired by the current season of American Idol. 

For those who would like to learn more about the salon or to book an appointment, Laura suggested checking out the salon website.

Development Is Supported By

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