How to Make Your Own Tattoo Ideas From Home

We’ve all been there, when you’re a little confused and want to go back to basics but can’t find the right colours or patterns, or a nail art studio that you’d like to use for your nails.

Thankfully there are plenty of creative DIY tattoo tutorials online, and they’re easy to find and have a great variety of options.

Find the perfect nail art tutorial for your needs below.

What is a nail tattoo?

Nail art is an art form in which a tattoo artist applies coloured and coloured dots, often with small shapes on the surface of the nail, to create a design that is then applied to the nail.

These designs can be simple designs, or include more elaborate designs, such as the traditional red, white and blue.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some popular nail tattoos.


The ‘Nail Tattoo’ by Joanna Brooks From the ‘The Nail Book’ by David Mackay, this tattoo design is perfect for women with darker skin tones.

You can also use it for a tattoo on the top of the cheekbone or the inside of the eye.

The designs are also perfect for people with different skin tones, as they give you a variety of colours to choose from.


The Nail Tatto by Jenny Kowalski This nail tattoo is perfect when you want to take your nail art to the next level.

Jenny Krowalski, who also goes by the name Jenny Lee, has created a series of tattoo designs that are incredibly detailed and can be done in a variety different styles.

The colours range from dark to light and are often a little more intricate than the others, which is great for someone with more complex designs.


The Purple & Gold Tattoo by Sarah Rittenhouse This nail art tattoo is great if you want something that’s a little bold, but still gives your nails a subtle effect.

Sarah Ritte, who goes by Sarah, also created this tattoo that is a combination of purple and gold.

You’ll want to use some nail polish to achieve the best result.


The Ink Tattoo with Red & White Strips by Rebecca Smith This nail ink tattoo is for anyone with darker skins, and it’s perfect for those with pinky, blue or purple nail colours.

The design is really detailed and will look really good on your nails or on a necklace.


The Green & Blue Tattoo from Emily Bowers This nail design is a little tricky to do, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed by how great it looks.

Emily Bower, who is based in Leeds, has made this nail tattoo for anyone looking to add a little sparkle to their nails.


The Dark Blue & Gold Ink Tatto from Heather Walker This nail style is perfect if you are looking to create some colour and style in your nails, as Heather Walker has created this nail design that includes dark blue and gold on her own nails.


The White & Gold Nail by Heather Walker A very unique and very interesting nail design by Heather has made the nail art trend popular, as she has made a number of different nail designs with different colours.

This nail has a slight golden effect on the edges of the design and the shape of the dots on the nail is really impressive.


The Silver & Gold White Nail with Blue & Red Strips from HeatherWalker This nail looks really cool and has a very unique design that looks great on any nails.


The Blue & Black Ink Tattoos from HeatherRitte If you want a nail that’s just a bit different, you might want to look at the Blue & Pink Ink Tattos from Heather.

They’re a perfect choice for someone who wants to create their own unique style.


The Black & White Ink Tattoom by HeatherWalker If you are a bit more serious, you could also go for this tattoo style by Heather.

You might want a tattoo that looks more like a black dot on your skin, with a darker shade of blue in the middle.


The Pink & Blue Ink Tattoop by HeatherRett If you really want to add something special to your nails this tattoo might be the perfect choice.

This tattoo is a really cute and subtle addition to your nail designs, as it also has a different colour on each nail.


The Yellow & Blue Nail Art by HeatherMarie This nail piece is one that’s great for anyone who is looking for something a little different.

The yellow and blue nail art tattoos are great for those who want to get more creative and experiment with different designs.


The Metallic Ink Tattoon from HeatherMarie HeatherMarie has created nail art designs that range from bright and vibrant colours, to darker and metallic designs.

This particular tattoo design from Heather Marie looks great in all of her nail designs.


The Rainbow & Black Tattoo From HeatherMarie If you love a simple design, then

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