‘No Way’ to Get a Hair Cut with the ‘No Brushing’ Salon

Salon Hair Products is proud to announce its newest product: No Brushing Haircut with The No Brush.

Featuring a high-tech, patented, silicone coating, The No Brush will make brushing your hair as smooth and silky as it should be.

“Our No Brushes are designed to eliminate any unwanted hair on your scalp and scalp care,” says Melissa DeMoss, CEO of Salon Hair, “and the No Brush is designed for that purpose.”

“A No Brusher will remove unwanted hair and give your hair a clean, natural, and healthy appearance.

Plus, it’s made of premium, hypoallergenic silicone that will help your hair feel great, feel smooth, and stay soft.”

Salon Hair products offer a range of high-quality products, including: A new-generation salon hair cut and wax, featuring a special silicone coating.

A new salon hair styling cream that features a natural hair oil and a gentle exfoliating spray.

A wax that provides a natural, luxurious shine and reduces shine.

A hair brush that gently removes excess hair and hair loss.

A gel shampoo that delivers a softening, conditioning shampoo that is ideal for all hair types.

A natural-based hair wax that is suitable for hair color and texture.

A high-end, high-performance hair styling gel that delivers the right amount of hydration and nutrients for every strand.

A low-temperature, super-coating, silicone wax that delivers moisture to your hair.

And, of course, the No Brushed Haircut that combines the highest quality and highest value of salon hair products with a revolutionary silicone coating for the ultimate salon experience.

Salon Hair is available at select specialty beauty retailers.

For more information about the NoBrush and salon hair care, visit www.salonhair.com.

For more information on salon hair treatments, visit salon.com/treatments.

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