Blondies Salon: A Luxe Salon, A Luxé Salon!

Luxe salon owners like Laura, a new owner of this luxury salon in Beverly Hills, California, are all too happy to show off their latest creations. 

“My favorite thing about this salon is that it’s just a place to sit and talk,” Laura said of her salon.

“I think it’s a great way to build up a relationship and a relationship with your client, to build trust.” 

Laura is a new client of the Beverly Hills-based luxury salon. 

She has previously owned and operated her own salon, which was featured in the show, and has opened her own business in Beverly, California.

Laura opened her first salon in 2003, and now has over 20 clients, all in her own city. 

For a fee of $200 per week, she will charge her clients a monthly fee of about $800 to rent a large, private, and well-equipped private room for an hour. 

Laura, who is not married, said she is able to rent out the room because she enjoys working with her clients and having them be her personal stylists. 

If you are looking for an affordable, beautiful, and luxurious salon, Laura is definitely your salon.

The only caveat is that, as of right now, the price is only $1,500 a week. 

You can find Laura’s Beverly Hills salon on her website and Instagram. 

Lauren, a former salon owner in New York, recently opened a luxury salon on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California that has attracted attention on the show.

Lauren opened the salon in 2016 and has had several clients, including a number of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna. 

The Sunset Strip is the site of many celebrities who have visited Lauren’s salon.

Lauren is also a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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