How to tell the difference between two nail polishes?

PARIS — A new technique could have a huge impact on nail polish prices, a French cosmetics company has said.

The technique, called “microfine,” is a combination of a powder and a micro-particle, that can be applied to the skin without causing damage.

Its success is seen as a way to keep prices down, but experts are unsure how effective it will be in helping nail polish sales.

“It is important that nail polish is priced correctly.

If it is not, it will become a burden for consumers,” said Marie-Cristine Dessalles, president of the French cosmetics industry’s cosmetics trade association.

But she said the new technique would be “a major advance for consumers” and a way of improving the industry.

Microfine has been developed in collaboration with the French company Evolve and is used in nail polish and eyeliner.

It was first tested on a limited range of nail polish products in France in 2013 and 2014.

A company spokeswoman told ABC News the technology works by reacting with an existing layer of pigment to create micro-pores on the surface of the nail, where micro-fungi can grow.

These tiny micro-organisms can then grow and develop, which allows the polish to adhere to the nail and make a permanent connection to the gel.

In the Evolve formulation, the micro-fluid is spread on the nail surface, causing the pigment to stick to the surface.

At the end of three weeks, a layer of micro-films form and the gel dries.

While microfine is a relatively new technique, its success has been credited with making prices at luxury retailers like JC Penney, which sell the popular Essie and Essie du Vin nail polish brands, drop significantly.

JCPenney spokeswoman Christine Ollis said the brand is looking to make its nail polish more affordable and is considering using microfine as part of that process.

Dessallies said she expects the technique will be used in all the major nail polish brands in the near future.

Evolve said it plans to introduce microfine in all of its nail products in the coming years, although it is still waiting for an official approval.

Development Is Supported By

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