What to know about the rumours salon, salon nouvesau,rumours salon

According to Google, rumours salon is a cosmetics store that specializes in cosmetics and hair products.

The salon is located in Montreal, Quebec.

Rumours salon was founded by the husband of a former beauty queen, who says she was assaulted by a beauty salon owner after he showed her a clip of a news report.

It is believed that the woman suffered serious injuries in the attack.

According to a Facebook post by a friend of the salon, it was the owner of Rumours who posted the clip.

The post also included photos of the accused beauty salon and a photo of the alleged assault, as well as the statement from the victim.

According, the salon owner denies the accusations, claiming that he was trying to help his daughter get back into her beauty routine.

In the wake of the attack, rumours hairstylist filed a complaint against the salon.

She is appealing the decision.

“It is sad that the beauty industry in Quebec is not more safe for women,” the salon’s owner told the CBC.

“They are so dangerous.

The beauty industry is a business and it is a profession that should be protected.

But we are all here, we are women, we should not be afraid.”

The salon owner says that she has a close relationship with the victim, and is not afraid to speak up.

“I want to say to all the people in Quebec that this is not something to be ashamed of.

This is not some kind of criminal thing, this is something to celebrate.

It was a good fight,” she said.

“This is about women, about women being able to take care of themselves.

This woman is a mother, she is a grandmother, and I want to tell her that, and that’s why she has this right to speak out.”

The accused beauty company’s Facebook page has since been taken down, and the salon has not commented.

The CBC is seeking comment from the salon owners, the Quebec Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and from the owners of the Montreal salon.

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