A photo of the fake mustache that went viral is going viral

A photo from a fake mustache created by an Australian blogger has gone viral, with the popular Facebook page calling the image a “stunt” and a “silly” prank.

The photo shows a fake, faux mustache with a fake facial hair on top of a fake face, with a red star above the top.

The post reads, “This is my faux mustache.”

A Twitter account that describes itself as “a parody of celebrity photo shoots” has been retweeting the post, with some users praising the prankster for getting a fake shot of himself.

“It’s like an ad for a new fashion brand,” wrote one user.

“And that’s what the internet is for.

People who want to look good with fake fake facial features,” wrote another.

The fake mustache is a staple of the internet’s fake face meme, a popular social media phenomenon that began in 2012.

The image is also used to mock people who appear to be inauthentic.

People have mocked celebrities for using fake hair to cover their faces, including celebrities such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Kim Kardashian.

Celebrities have also been spoofed by fake Instagram accounts, and fake Facebook pages that mimic them.

The authenticity of the photo has been a problem for some celebrities, such as Rihanna, whose image is widely used in the fake meme.

But the photo also has been used to parody a variety of fake celebrity photos, including photos of Kim Kardashian West, which were widely mocked on social media in 2016.

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