Why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

When a novel begins with the phrase “it’s like a dream,” you’ll think you’ve read the entire thing.

But what you don’t realize is that that’s actually not the case.

The phrase means that, like a certain dream, it’s not a dream, but rather a dream of something else entirely.

And the story of those dreams is actually quite complicated.

“When I was first starting out, I was trying to find a way to put it all together, because I couldn’t,” said writer and journalist Lauren G. Clements.

“I had a vision of what my life could be like, but it was also kind of a fairy tale, a fairy-tale of what might have been.”

Clements is the author of the acclaimed short story collection “Dolce Vita,” which was a finalist for the 2017 National Book Award.

She’s been telling the story ever since, and has been asked to rewrite it many times.

For the first time, Clements and her publisher have put together a full-length manuscript of the story, called “Diligence,” that they hope to publish in 2018.

In it, Cools and her husband, the novelist and essayist John M. Cools, navigate the complicated life of a young woman who begins to wonder if she’s dreaming all the time, and whether her dreams are actually real.

Cols, who writes about her dreams on her blog, says that she and her wife decided to go public with their story after they read a piece in The New York Times Magazine.

They decided that people might want to know if this was possible, and that they might want the story to continue after all.

The two were inspired by a TED Talk by the writer and actor Adam Driver, who was inspired to write a book about his dream-shifting experience, which took place at a mental hospital.

The story of Cools’ dream is a little different from the rest of Driver’s story, which is an autobiographical piece.

“If you look at Adam’s book, you’re seeing him describe what his dreams are like, and you’re also seeing him trying to explain them, and explaining them in ways that make sense to him,” Cools said.

“So the way I write is very different.

I just don’t want to have to explain anything.”

The story begins in the mid-1950s, when a man named Michael is in the hospital after a car accident.

He’s had nightmares about a man and a woman, but they’re not real.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in the same room with a man, whom he doesn’t recognize.

“The dream is that the person who is the man and the woman are really the same person, and he is really a man,” Clements said.

And so he starts asking questions about his life and about his dreams, and about what he’s actually been dreaming about all these years.

Cllds story, she says, follows a familiar trajectory: the husband discovers that his wife has a dream-world, and the wife has to figure out what the dream-thing is, and how she can get rid of it.

But in the process, she has to wrestle with some uncomfortable questions about her own dreams.

Clicks’ story also follows a complicated story line: Cllns husband is a professional writer, and his wife is a high school teacher.

They get married and move to a small town, but the couple gets divorced and her job suddenly disappears.

So when the husband returns to his old job, he becomes an art dealer and his old wife becomes a writer.

It’s a story about a woman’s growing independence and the growing sense of responsibility that comes with it.

“There’s no doubt that her career is on the line, and her relationship with her husband has never been stronger,” Cllids book says.

The writer and Cllls husband have a daughter together, and they decide to have the daughter raise their daughter.

But when the daughter comes of age, she is obsessed with the book, and soon starts to believe that she’s an artist.

The daughter begins to draw what she thinks is an artist, but is actually a clown.

She goes on to draw art that is actually from the book.

When her husband notices, he has a hard time believing that the child has no real talent and that she is just drawing because she wants to.

Cldens, who lives in California, says he feels like the book “is really a commentary on his own childhood,” and that his husband “really wants to be able to tell his story, and to have that as his legacy.”

Cllams husband is now in his late 80s, and she has no children, but has become a great mother.

And she says that when she was growing up, her husband was always a very quiet person.

“He had a quiet way of being,” Cld

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