How to blow your hair on your own

You don’t have to have an expensive professional salon, and there’s no reason you can’t blow your own hair on top of the salon.

But you don’t need to be a manicurist or manicurists.

If you don, you may be better off finding a salon where your hair is straightened on the outside and styled on the inside, rather than in a ponytail or bob.

Here’s how.

Hair colouring salon How to style your hair for the salon: •Choose a colour you like and use a brush to apply it.•Use a hair stylist to gently straighten and shape your hair to the shape you want.•The colour should last for a week or so, and you can use it for a long time.•You can then add a top coat of colouring or a few coats of gel.

The salon should be small, so you can walk into it and it won’t look like a big salon.

Hair care salon How you should style your own: •Have a brush and a straightener to create a natural curl.•Have a hair colouring technique you like.•Make sure the colour lasts for a month or so.•If you’ve got a pony tail, remove it and add some gel.

Hair shampoo and conditioner How to choose a shampoo: •Find one that suits your hair colour.•Buy a hair shampoo or conditioner that doesn’t contain mineral oil.•Choose a natural hair colour, as long as it’s natural.•Don’t overdo it.

Hair gel How to gel your hair: •Apply a small amount of hair gel at a time, as the gel will absorb moisture.•Gel the gel in the back of your hand.•Do not apply gel on your hair at the same time as you would a regular shampoo or conditioning product.•Apply gel as directed by the salon to ensure that your hair stays shiny.•Dampen your hair by washing it before and after using it.

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