Hair salon diva sparks controversy as she posts ‘I’m an equal woman’ post

Diva hair stylist Diva Hair Salon has been hit with a lawsuit by a woman who claims she was discriminated against when she refused to make her hair curly due to its colour.

The complaint, filed in the Federal District Court in Brooklyn, New York, claims that the salon in which the plaintiff worked, the Diva Salon, discriminated against her by making her hair shorter, with no attempt to find a colour that would suit her hair style.

“I’m sorry that the way I look today doesn’t suit the way you look,” Diva’s owner and stylist, Shilpa Devi, told the court in the complaint, which was read out by the court’s judge.

“It’s not the way that I wanted to be.

I thought I had to look like an Indian woman, but I have to be a white woman.”

Diva’s salon was the subject of a scathing article by The Daily Beast last month in which several women who worked there spoke of harassment, racial and religious discrimination and other issues.

The article also detailed the daily harassment Diva faced as she sought to sell her products to customers.

The Daily Beast reported that a number of the salon’s staff had complained of sexual harassment and discrimination.

The suit was filed by a local non-profit called New York City Community Organization on behalf of three of the women who filed the suit.

The lawsuit, which also names the Brooklyn-based company, claims the salon discriminated against the women because they are white and because they had not worked there for more than six months.

“The plaintiff was told to stop being the ‘diva’ and that she should be using a more fitting name,” the lawsuit said.

“She had no choice.

She had to comply.”

The salon’s owner did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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