How to Get Away with Spilling Your Spills at a Salon

A recent incident involving a man in Australia has raised eyebrows amongst salon owners and salon staff alike.

The incident took place in the Queensland town of Tarragona in April last year, and involved a man who had been drinking while in a bar with two women.

The man reportedly began vomiting after drinking his drink, causing the two women to call police.

As the officers arrived at the bar, the man became unresponsive and had to be taken to hospital.

He was then taken to the police station, where the two female bar staff began recording his story.

According to reports, the two staff members were told by the police officer that the man had “already been arrested”, and that they could ask the man to drop the charges.

The police officer then proceeded to write down the charges and send the man’s details to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra.

Police officers at the Tarragons police station in Brisbane.

The AFP were able to get hold of the man, and he was taken to a psychiatric facility.

He is now free to go, according to the ABC, and has not yet been charged.

The ABC reported that Tarrags police had been called to the bar on April 24 to investigate an incident in which a man had allegedly been drinking alcohol, and had fallen unconscious and died.

The bar was closed down and the man was sent to a hospital.

The men involved in the incident were subsequently charged with failing to provide medical assistance.

A spokesperson for the AFP said the AFP were still investigating the incident.

“We have not yet received the charges, but we can confirm the man has not been charged with any offence,” the spokesperson said.

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