Phenix salon suite suites: How to make a home for a billionaire

The Phenix Spa Suite at the Phenix in New York.

The Pheniq Spa Suite is the ultimate luxury salon experience.

The suite, located in a posh hotel on the Upper West Side, includes everything from a state-of-the-art barber shop to a spa where guests can get their hair cut, manicured or styled by a professional.

The price tag for the suite ranges from $1,400 (£1,250) to $3,200 (£2,000).

The luxury suite, which includes a private entrance and private barber service, is available to the rich and famous and includes a personalised marble floor.

It also includes a full-size mirror, a customised dining table, two chairs and two armchairs.

There is a separate private bar and lounge for the rich, and a private meeting area.

The luxury suites can also accommodate up to 150 guests, with a maximum of eight people per room.

Here are the key perks of the Pheniq spa suite.

The spa suites are priced to attract the rich with their private access.

They are open to the public for a private party of 10 or more guests.

The private entrance allows guests to watch the top of the marble floor, where the marble is cut, in person or by appointment.

There are also private baths, an indoor and outdoor terrace, a private garden, a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a spa, among other amenities.

The main amenities are the private barbershop and salon, which are accessible from the spa.

The salon also includes hair and body treatments, a manicure room, a salon vanity and a large private sauna.

The top of a marble floor at the salon.

The suites are also available for private meetings and private parties, although guests must first register for an appointment in person.

They can also be booked online, with the price depending on the size of the meeting.

Here is what the top rooms in the suite are like: Private Salon Suite (€1,500): A private salon and barbers shop with a private access from the balcony.

The room is a one-bedroom apartment.

The bathroom is on the second floor.

There’s a separate barber area for the wealthy.

The space is furnished in the same style as a mansion.

It has a private balcony and private balcony.

There has been speculation that the suite was built to house royalty, which is the property of the Diaspora and is owned by the Russian oligarch.

The property includes the main property and a second property on the island of Yantar in the Indian Ocean.

Private Barber Room (€3,000): The private bar, which seats between 50 and 75 guests, is a room with a barber and a vanity, plus a private bathroom.

There have been rumours of a $40m deal to build a private bar in Moscow’s Saint Petersburg.

The barbers are also paid $200 per hour.

The lounge area has been designed to attract guests.

There also is a swimming area and a gym.

Private Garden (€2,500 to £2,600): The garden is a private space, which has been fitted with a swimming pit, a heated sauna, a fitness centre, a terrace and an outdoor terraces.

There were also rumours of an $8m deal in London to build the same location in the United Kingdom.

The terrace has been built out of stone.

There was also a rumour in November that the Dreyfus family owned the island, which was purchased in 2003 by the Dusmans.

The Dusman family has been accused of paying to buy the island.

The Private Pool (€700 to £1,800): This private pool is equipped with a water slide, hot tub and a steam room.

The pool is the size and style of a luxury apartment and is furnished with the most luxurious amenities, including a private saunter, a tennis court, a large marble pool table and a full bar.

It is a five-minute walk from the main hotel and the main airport, making it a convenient place to relax.

Private Dining Room (£2,400 to £3,300): The dining room is in the shape of a tennis racket.

There sits a private kitchen with a fireplace, a small balcony and a fully equipped bathroom with a shower and a small sauna and shower.

It features a private pool and an indoor terrace.

There can be up to 15 people in the private dining room, with an maximum of four people per table.

Private Lounge (€6,500) – The lounge is a lounge area with an indoor pool and private kitchen.

There will be a bar and an open bar, and private saouters.

There may also be an indoor bar and a pool.

The lobby area is large and can accommodate up at least 20 people.

Private Bathroom (€800 to £900) – A private shower and private bath

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