Why the New York Times Magazine Is Now Best-Selling Beauty Products in the US


— It’s been a year since the New Yorker published its first issue of its new print magazine.

In the past year, the New American has become the go-to publication for readers looking to catch up on the latest news and culture from around the globe.

New American, which debuted on Sept. 16, 2018, features essays, interviews and reviews from the most influential and respected journalists, thinkers and thinkers in the field of beauty.

It also features the best of the new wave of beauty products, from the hottest new brands to the best-selling brands of the past decade.

The New Yorker’s launch is notable for the fact that it’s the first time in nearly 40 years that the magazine has never run a full-fledged editorial board, with all of its content coming from a single person, managing editor Stephanie Guo.

Guo, who joined the magazine as managing editor in August of 2018, is the first woman to oversee the magazine’s editorial content since the publisher in 1960.

Read moreNew American’s editor-in-chief, Laura B. Kipnis, is an editor at large at the New Republic, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and The New York Review of Books.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Liza Mundy, also has been the magazine to interview the president, the first female president, and a host of celebrities.

The New American covers the issues that matter to the millennial generation, including the economic recovery, the threat of terrorism, and the importance of a woman’s body.

The New American was launched in response to a desire to cover topics of global importance, from global climate change to the impact of climate change on the economy, as well as issues that are relevant to women and gender equality, such as breast cancer.

A full-time position will be created for Guo and Mundy as the magazine moves to full-length magazines.

It remains to be seen how long the magazine will remain in print.

While some advertisers and investors are reportedly interested in its future, it’s unclear how long it will remain on the shelves and what effect it might have on other beauty brands.

We will keep you updated on the NewAmerican’s future as it unfolds, but for now, we’re excited to celebrate this milestone for the New Americans’ editors and creators and to see how far they’ll go to serve the millennial community and inspire us to be better.

Read moreAbout the magazine: New American is the new generation of magazines.

New American’s mission is to deliver the best in journalism and entertainment, reflecting the voices of the most important voices in our culture.

Through diverse perspectives, New American brings the most compelling, engaging content to readers in a way that’s accessible, relatable and fun.

New American is available on mobile devices and on the web at Newamerican.com, on the CBS All Access platform at CBSAllAccess.com/NewAmerican and at Amazon.com.

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