Man has gone to the hair salon for a haircut

Hair salon owner Nandita Bhatia, 50, said she went to a hair salon in Tucson this week for a manicure.

“They took care of my hair for four days,” she said.

“I have not seen the groom since.

He went to get a haircut on Friday and I didn’t know where he was going.”

Bhatias said she didn’t have time to check the groom’s address.

“It was quite long,” she recalled.

“My husband came home with a few boxes of hair gel and a brush.”

Bhattias said the groom, a local man, came into her salon with a “very bad smell”.

She said the owner told her the groom was “disappointed” in her salon and that he was staying at a hotel.

The owner of a hair salons in Tuchos, a small town in central Arizona, told CNN that the groom came to her salon in a white car and left without paying.

“He was very angry, very angry,” she told CNN.

“That’s why I didn.

He didn’t tell me that the next day he was coming to my salon.”

Tucsons police department told CNN they don’t know if the incident is related to the recent spate of murders of Indian men in Arizona.

The Tucusons police chief told CNN the incident may have been a result of an “isolated incident.”

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