‘Salon Service Group’ cuts ties with fringe salon group amid ‘anti-Semitic’ controversy

The Salon Service Group announced it is severing its ties with a fringe salon business that has drawn scrutiny for its anti-Semitic statements.

The salon group announced Wednesday that it is canceling a deal with “Barefoot Spa,” which has called itself a “fringe salon,” that it had partnered with to offer haircuts to children under age 5.

The move comes amid “an escalating controversy” surrounding the salon group, Salon Service Vice President David Goyder said in a statement.

“We feel the group’s actions in the past few months have been divisive, inappropriate and have created a hostile working environment for members of our team.”

Barefeet Spa is part of the Salon Service group, which sells haircuts and manicures at salon-style events.

The salon service group says its members have received hate mail, harassment and death threats over the years.

The business has a history of making racist and anti-semitic comments, Goydar said.

The group also has a controversial history in the state of Georgia, which has had a long history of racism, and has had numerous incidents involving anti-Semitism, according to Georgia State University professor John Crouch.

In 2013, the group received an email with a swastika tattoo on it that said “Nazi Jew,” according to a criminal complaint filed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It later removed the message.

In 2016, the business received a hate mail complaint, according a criminal investigation by the FBI.

The complaint said the group was trying to make money off of the swastika.

In 2017, the salon received a similar complaint, but a police report said it had not received a single hate mail in the last five years.

In 2019, the company received a hateful Facebook post, the criminal complaint said.

In a statement, Barefoot Spa said it is reviewing the situation.

“Our staff is fully committed to being a safe and welcoming workplace, and we have a strict no-harassment policy and are actively addressing the issues raised by the complaint,” the statement said.

“We have removed our association with Barefoot and have decided to sever all ties with this organization.”

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