How to get a good curl for your locks

You’ve probably heard the saying “there’s nothing wrong with a curl” but a recent study from the University of Manchester shows that’s not always the case.

The study, led by Dr. Andrew Treadwell, from the School of Health, Exercise and Recreation Sciences at the University, asked 100 women and 50 men about their experiences with hair colouring and what it meant to them.

In total, 50 women said that it made their hair look more “crisp” and “natural” while 50 men said it made them look “straightforward”.

The researchers found that for both men and women, the longer they were exposed to colouring, the more curly their hair became.

The longer they exposed their hair to the colouring the more their hair “buzzed” and the more it looked natural.

The results were also surprising for the study’s findings on hair colour and colouring in general, which are generally associated with the development of a natural, curly, and unruly hairline.

“What’s really interesting about this study is that, to the untrained eye, the results don’t appear to be surprising,” said Dr. Treadman.

“For example, it’s very common for women to look more naturally-crisped and straight when they’re trying to create a natural curl, which may not be the case for other women.”

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Dermatology.

Dr. Trewwell said that because curly hair is associated with a natural and relaxed look, it might not necessarily be the only factor in how your hair is curled.

“We think it could be the combination of the two that matters,” he said.

“When you’re looking at curly hair, your hair may be naturally-curled, but you may be more naturally curled when you’re exposed to a more curving product like a gel or a brush.”

Dr. John Sorensen, an associate professor at the School who is also part of the research team, said that this study should help people understand how their hair is made.

“In terms of hair colour, it doesn’t seem to be as much of a mystery as people think,” he explained.

“What’s interesting is that people have really different opinions on the subject, and some people like the curl more, some people don’t like it.”

He said that, for some people, curly hair does not actually make it easier to curl their hair.

“The average person curls their hair differently depending on their individual hair type,” he told ABC News.

“Some people like a straight or curlier curl and some don’t.”

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