Kim’s nail polish brand has more than 25 million loyal customers

Kim’s is one of the few nail salons in the US that can claim a loyal following of more than 20 million loyal fans, which could help the brand reach its full potential in the long run.

Kim’s launched its own line of high-end nail polish called Kim’s Superior last year, and it’s now launching a new line of nail polish, Kim’s Signature, that’s supposed to bring in more loyal customers.

The brand is looking to expand its nail polish business and make it even more popular.

Kim’s first new line, the Kim’s Supremacy Collection, will be available in the first quarter of 2018, and the brand has now launched the first wave of new Kim’s line.

The new line will feature a limited-edition collection of five colors called Kims Superior, the company told Business Insider.

It’s expected to hit stores in the fall.

The first Kim’s Supreme Collection is also coming out in the second quarter of 2019.

These new Kims Signature lines are expected to be priced around $150, which is roughly 20% lower than the original Kim’s collection.

The first line will be called Kim Supreme.

The new Kim Supreme line will include five shades: Tiny Kims, Supreme Kims Slim, Superior Kims and Supremacy Kims.

These colors are a mix of white, gray and orange with a blue overlay.

The shades are described as “inspired by a new trend of women’s nail designs.”

“This collection will be a natural evolution of the brand and the colors will continue to be refined to create the best, most versatile nail polish for your nail art,” the company wrote on its website.

“Kim’s Superiors are the first in the brand’s line of exclusive Kim’s signature nail polish.”

Kim’s Signature line has a few other new features, including a collection of premium hand-painted nail art brushes and a new high-definition digital watch that’s going to go on sale later this month.

Kim says its going to be launching its own mobile app in the third quarter of 2020.

Development Is Supported By

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