Can anybody tan?

Certain skin types cannot tan, but anybody can get a beautiful golden-tan look with our UV-Free tanning system process. Our tanning professionals can help you determine the type of tanning best suited to your skin type. The six basic skin types are shown below:




Skin type 1: Always burns, never tans




Skin type 2: Burns easily, tans slightly




Skin type 3: Sometimes burns, tans gradually




Skin type 4: Burns minimally, always tans well




Skin type 5: Burns rarely, tans deeply




Skin type 6: Almost never burns, deeply pigmented




Why is moisturized skin important for a tan?




Healthy, moist skin will tan quicker, get darker and keep its tanned appearance longer because the melanin is produced rapidly and the skin also will not exfoliate as quickly when it is properly moisturized.


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