Want A Darker Tan, Natural Looking Tan

The first thing that you need to do is build a base tan. You can do this by tanning on a regular basis and gradually increasing the amount of time you spend in the tanning beds. It can require anywhere from four visits to as many as eight depending on your skin tone.


In order to enhance your tan, you should use a tanning lotion to accelerate the process. This helps build and maintain the base tan. You should also exfoliate your skin before tanning.


After tanning, you should moisturize your skin, but make sure to avoid one with mineral oil. Mineral oil can actually prevent your skin from tanning as quickly.


After you have a base tan, you should go two or three times a week. You should alternate between stand up booths and tanning beds to get the most even tan. You can even consider switching between low and high intensity beds for the best tan.


Make sure take care of your skin, never letting it dry out, especially your face.


Please allow one of our tanning specialists to assist you in choosing a tanning lotion and after moisturizer.


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