Hair salon owner who refused to strip naked has gone to jail

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— In a rare display of leniency for the owner of a hair salon in Kentucky who refused service to a man who claimed to be a police officer, a judge Thursday sentenced her to seven years in prison.The Kentucky Supreme Court on Friday suspended a 10-year prison sentence the salon owner, Bella Vita, […]

When diamonds are so rare, they’re more valuable than gold

The world of jewelry is full of diamonds.But, the rarer the diamond, the more valuable it is.According to research from the National Diamond Council, diamonds are worth around $4,500 each.But the value of a diamond depends on a lot of factors, like its purity and size, which are usually less than 1,000 carats.In the United […]

Which dog is the best to own?

The answer is very subjective.But as long as you’re happy with your choice, here are some dog breeds you should consider.Aussie cattle dog: Aussie beef cattle dog is considered a “real” breed.They have a long and sturdy body and the look of a big, strong man.The breed is popular because of its low-maintenance nature, its […]

‘The perfect woman’: Belleza Salon owner describes how her husband’s ‘perfect’ wife inspires her

By Laura FarrarThe Australian Financial Reviews 1/10 Bellezas Salon in Perth, Western AustraliaBellezara is one of the few Australian women who are famous for their long hair and distinctive dress.Photo: Bellezza Salon via Facebook2/10 A Bellezias Salon ad in Perth (with the caption “You’re like a goddess in your own right”)3/10 The owner of the […]

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