Sunless Tanning

From the moment you enter the warm, inviting environment, your skin is infused with heat, which allows for maximum absorption, creating a deeper, longer lasting high definition color. 

A sweeping side to side airbrush travels gently from head to toe, applying precise amounts of your desired level of color, while a flow of warm air ensures that skin remains dry and you remain comfortable.

With two MyMysts at Maibu Tan -  you’ll be tan – and on your way  – FAST!

The MyMyst System also allows you to customize your spray tan by offering a number of different solutions and additives like Aroma, BronzBoost, and HyperTan-when you need results FAST!  This is the next generation in spray tanning!

Mystic Spray Tan


Pointers to obtaining the best Mystic Spray Tan  (Development is in 4 to 6 hours) Get  our enhancer and it will cut down development in half of the time.


Before your session


Please make sure you come in shaved and exfoliated.  Anything that you use at home please make sure there are no oils, butters or moisturizers in ingredients.


If you also have dry skin we suggest you purchase our hydrator and put on before your spray session which is a water based hydrator.


To enhance  your results we also suggest purchasing our enhancer additive to ph balance your skin and get you a more uniform enhanced spray tan.


Make sure while you are developing that you are in loose,  darker colored clothing and refrain from sweating or getting wet for a full (6) hours.


For even better results it is suggested that you wait until morning to shower after your Mystic spray session.

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After your session


During the developing period do not apply or spray anything on skin.  Refrain from using any bar soaps and use a gentle wash and hydrate everyday after your session to enhance and maintain your results.


To keep your spray tan looking good all week you can purchase our extender which includes hydrator and color all in one.


You can also purchase the wash that is compatible with the Mystic tan solution to use at home in place of your body wash.


Remember that shaving, salt water and chlorine may diminish some of your spray tan.


For the deepest darkest spray possible


Once you receive your first Mystic spray is suggested to come back after 24 hours for another spray session with our light color, but no more than (2) days later and the second session is only $15.


Our tanning cocktail also is advisable you first tan in tanning bed (preferably stand up) for at least 5 minutes or more and do not use any tanning lotions at this time and go immediately into Mystic spray tanning booth, however if your sweating you will want to wait a little.  $45



Additives (Add Ins)


Mystic Aromas  $3  Nice pleasant fragrances that cut out the dha smell


Enhancer  $6   Ph balances the skin and will give you a more even spray tan with quicker development


Cosmetic Bronzers  $4- $5   Gives you color now until your Mystic spray develops but washes off with first shower


Hydrator Lotion Packet  $5   Gives you a boost of moisture in your dry areas and will enhance your Mystic spray tan results....Remember dry skin doesnt absorb solution well


Mystic Extender  $6   Gives you moisture and color all in one to extend and freshen your results during the week



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